Kronicles of Kronk Grigg, the Dog


Kronk Grigg, the Dog

Kronk Grigg, the Dog

Quite often, I’ll write about Kronk Grigg the Dog. Kronk was rescued from the SPCA in February by Boyfriend. I’ll be posting his adventures and misadventures as they unfold. As you can see by the photo, he is quite a handsome guy.  Following is my first letter to family and friends after he came to live with us. Remember he is only two- and he acts his age.

Before Kronk: 7:30-9:00am—rise slowly at 7:30 and make coffee. Take a look at the backyard blooming with daffodils. Fix a nice cup of coffee and tear off my bible verse of the day from the calendar keely gave me that is on the refrigerator. Contemplate the verse and stick it in the pocket of my jeans to peruse through the day. Write in my daily journal. Decifer my night time dreams with my dream dictionary. daily metaphysical book reading. Check my horoscope on line. Study the tarot. Read the bible. Pray – meditate – yoga. At 9:00am I’m ready to start my work day.

After Kronk: 7:30am-8:00am-Pray Kronk lets me sleep until 7:30. carefully lean over the side of the bed to see if he’s still asleep without making eye contact with him because after eye contact is made it’s all over. Uh-o. Eye contact. Tail wagging and slapping loudly against the floor, wet dog kisses, get up get up get up tammy I have to pee now – please hurry hurry hurry—-i’ll lick your feet as you try and get on your tennis shoes. oh look strings in the shoes, i LOVE to bite at  strings in shoes and look oh your robe has a tie belt on it, i LOVE to bite the ties on robes and strings in shoes and do you have your shoes on yet cause i have to go pee RIGHT NOW – i have to get outside—-tammy staggers to the bathroom-stabbing contacts into her eyes- not bothering to wash her face because Kronk is whinning outside the door- oh WHEN is she coming out I have to go NOW- tammy staggers to the kitchen and looks longingly at the coffeepot while Kronk jumps like a kangaroo all around. he weighs 65 pounds and when he hops he is as tall as tammy.  tammy grabs the leash from the peg in the kitchen and her jacket and makes sure the half a dog biscuit is in her pocket because Kronk has to be enticed back inside from his outdoor morning toilet. SIT SIT SIT STAY STAY STAY oh she’s GOT THE LEASH – hallelujah— sit sit sit—-stay stay – she’s got the leash on my collar – it’s GO TIME. The DECK oh i love the deck where is my yellow ball oh there it is -DROP IT DROP IT DROP IT!!!!!  —- oh yeah i have to go pee…now where is that particular bush – RUN RUN RUN- watch tammy run after only being awake for five minutes. She is VERY FUNNY- look how she stumbles–where is that bush- oh look here’s a DEAD MOUSE- now where did that come from – where is the bush – oh there it is- PEE PEE PEE- oh my that feels so much better. Where is my pink ball, my yellow ball and my stuffed reindeer and my tennis ball– sniff sniff sniff…oh yeah one more thing this morning. AH pooping is Sweet Relief. Oh i am starving….where is breakfast? Back onto the deck with my yellow ball- DROP IT DROP IT DROP IT- i drop my yellow ball. Washing of the feet, where’s the yellow ball, where’s the yellow ball- DOG BISCUIT- yummy. Back in the house? How did i get back in the house? It must have happened between DROP IT DROP IT DROP IT and DOG BISCUIT— where’s chris- is he still asleep in the bedroom- lets sniff under the door to make sure he’s there. if i bam my rear quarter against the door maybe he’ll wake up. ok well I’ll just sit here until he wakes up—- OH I AM STARVING…where is breakfast. I hear tammy in the kitchen- i hear the bag- RUN RUN RUN to the kitchen–oh YES breakfast- One big scoop…SIT SIT SIT – STAY STAY STAY- OK – my my gosh this is SOOOOO good- i love my food and some WATER yes yes yes WATER is so good. WHERE IS CHRIS? WHERE IS CHRIS? Oh my morning brushing-tammy is making me look pretty – that feels really good- oh yeah- let’s turn over and let tammy brush our belly – oh yeah- i like that – WHERE IS CHRIS WHERE IS CHRIS WHERE IS CHRIS????????? Why does tammy look so tired? let’s lick her face and make her feel better…..
On the upside of surprise dog ownership, I have been outside more in the past week than in the past year, i have thrown a ball 30 times a day where i maybe have thrown a ball collectively 30 times in the past 10 years. i discovered we have THREE differents types of daffodils blooming in this yard and that cala lillies are very tiny thick shoots of green when they first emerge after the winter. There is a blooming bush in the back of the yard I had never noticed before. There’s a bird’s nest in one of the crepe myrtles already and they are just starting to bud. There’s a facinating assortment of plant life that died and dryed over the winter and are now seed pods. When you pick them they shake like little maracas. There’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh cold air in the early morning. Dog kisses are good.
“What would you think if I brought a friend home?” it started innocently enough.
I think Chris’ exact words were “How mad would you be if I brought a friend home?” What an alarming statment! As if I had a barometer for being mad. “What KIND of friend?” i remember asking suspiciously– and Chris, always the diplomat, replied, “A FOUR LEGGED friend.” and then proceeded to tell me he was at the Richmond SPCA scouting out “friends”. We had not even discussed the possibilities of getting a “four legged friend” lately. Though i have to admit when we bought our new house with the large fenced yard I thought, “Well, now we can finally have a dog…”

Chris settled on Mr Kronk, a rhodesian ridgeback. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also known as African Lion Dogs or Africian Lion Hounds. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a unique dog. He is the only breed to hail from South Africa. Cornelius van Rooyen, a big-game hunter, developed the Rhodesian Ridgeback to hunt lions in the late 1800s. Typically working in pairs, the dogs would harass and goad a lion to keep it off balance until hunters arrive with their rifles (thank you wikipedia..)

Kronk had his own room at the Richmond SPCA. Apparently he has been adopted and returned so many times he has his own “cell” which Chris said was like his own room with lots of toys and stuff. He is on a first name basis with the staff. He has a rap sheet a mile long. Offenses include his prediliction for enjoying eating small animals like cats and chihuahuas and his apparent disdain for children. When chris took him to the local vet for his checkup the vet said, “Oh yeah! I remember THIS dog…” hmmm

Kronk hangs out in the sunroom office and has become my guard dog. When we see the little dachsund dog that lives down the street being walked by the house he starts whinning and i yell HOT DOG- GO GET THE MUSTARD!! He likes to listen to indian flute music and is facinated with my pockets…probably because they smell of dog biscuit. his favorite time of day is outside time – i throw the ball and he chases it – usually with a tennis ball in his mouth. he loves to sniff and is a typical hound dog in that department. he seems very cheerful despite being checked out and returned so many times to the SPCA he probably thinks he’s a library book. He does have abandonment issues. Every time one of us leaves the room he has to get up to “check” on us – he can walk himself silly checking on me upstairs (when the weather doesn’t permit me to work in the sunroom and i have to opt for the upstairs spare bedroom as an office) and chris downstairs. He really likes to be between the both of us and sitting on our feet brings great joy to his little doggie heart.
he particulary likes to pretend he’s a puppy and try and sit on chris’ lap. 

He is a sable color, and has a usual hound dog face with long ears that are suprisingly satiney smooth. He is stout and his front right leg looks like he has a white boot on it. He has a funny white patch on the back of his neck that looks like a flying seagull. His eyes are brownish yellow and he looks perpetually troubled with worry lines between his eyes and on his forhead. He’s learning to sit and stay and walk on a leash. When he plays with a ball he looks nearly like a cat and curls his paws to cradle then bat the ball and go chasing after it.

If Kronk could write, he’d tell you about all the lessons he’s learned just this weekend. If he could articulate he’d be happy to let you know:

I cry when Chris leaves. Or goes to the bathroom. Or goes to work. Or walks out of the room. Or..well you get the picture. I sniff his clothes and his side of the bed but that doesn’t make him reappear. Believe me I’ve tried.

Daffodils are not a throw or chew toy and tammy will be really ticked if you try and grab them out of her hand.

Sticks go in the big burning barrel- not in my slobbery mouth

Tammy does not throw daffodils or sticks but she does throw ball

There is definately something lurking in the dark in every single corner of this house. There is an especially dark entity on the front porch and he is going to come in at any moment if I don’t sit here at this door and growl constantly for the next hour. ditto for the sunroom at night. There is definately something there.

The coffee pot is an evil being that spits and howls and makes me nervous.

My personal supreme being is an inantimate object called TENNIS BALL. I worship it. It rules my world.

One can SEE through closed sliding glass doors—– but not RUN through them.

I’m sure there will be alot more lessons to learn over the next few months and I’ll do my best to keep you posted. But right now I have to go out and throw ball and watch Kronk roll in the grass on his back and pick daffodils.

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