How to Contact Alunchic…

alunachic and the hobbit luthier

alunachic and the hobbit luthier


Alunachic is the pseudonym of the booking agent, music publicist and writer Tammy Brackett in Richmond VA. Tammy is the CEO and head honcho of a most remarkable and fun little agency called Moonstruck Promotions. She loves music and devotes her days and life energy to promoting musicians and their craft. She’s been in business for fifteen years and got in the van the first time when she was only ten years old. She is a musician from WAY back and was lucky to navigate from being a performer to an agent to a publicist to a writer.

Tammy has written three booklets. The first was Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van, a guide to touring your music but not yourself. Considering gas went through the roof this summer (prime tour season) timing for this little 20 pager couldn’t have been better. Her next effort was Backstage Pass: Book Your Band– a DIY guide to take your group from the practice room to the stage. She recently released Fifty Rules of Rock: one sentence philosophy, wisdom, wit and advice for surviving the music world.  She loves to write and obviously, because she’s a publicist, finds it much easier to speak about herself in third person (chuckle). You can purchase Tammy’s books at You can email

Tammy is also the mom of two musical children. Christopher is a gifted singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer.  His mom swears he beat her rib out of place when he was in vitro. Christopher is also a remarkable drum and golf teacher. He’s a charming child who leads a charmed life.  

Cory is a luthier – a guitar builder and repair tech at The Music Zoo in NYC. He also is president of his own little endeavor, The Hobbit Luthier, in NYC. He is a traveling repairman and tech within the city. He likes to play pool and is astoundingly great at it.  Watch out if he ever challenges you to a match. Don’t say you have not been warned.

Tammy has a boyfriend of fifteen years and a dog of six months and a demanding career that takes up most her time. She does however love to rock hound, star gaze, cruise in her fella’s Z car and treasure hop (shop at thrift marts for diamonds in the rough).  She believes in everafter, fairies, pixies, things that go bump in the night and understands and communicates with her other personalities.  She believes the universe unfolds as it should.

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