Perfection Causes Neglect-ion

In an attempt to be somewhat proficient and, if possible, be perfect in this new blogging world, I’ve lapsed into what I can only describe as Perfection-Neglection. If I can’t do something perfectly, if I don’t know everything about it, I tend to check out library books about it, read everything online about it and generally to NOT do whatever it is in the futile hope I will discover EVERYTHING about it BEFORE I do it. Which results in total NEGLECT of the project, which started out as something which was supposed to be fun.

This is completely flawed logic and not in keeping with my initial reason for starting a blog or just writing in general. It was supposed to be fun and easy and flowing. I’ve turned it into a struggle and I haven’t even gotten started.

So beginning today, this very minute, I am changing my approach. I’ll write everyday if I feel like it and I’ll figure out posts and pages and comments and links and googlead words in my own time and in my own way. Perfection or joy? I’ll opt for joy.

I already feel much better.

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